Students and teachers before school


Sanderson Academy is a rural, public elementary school serving the children of Ashfield and Plainfield, Massachusetts. Our school is one of three elementary schools in the Mohawk Trail Regional School District. We enjoy the privilege of educating children in preschool through sixth grade in a small school setting. 

Sanderson Academy Welcomes You

As an educator, I am always amazed by the ability and capacity children have to learn. We are a small school, which means our students have the advantage of individualized education and unique learning opportunities large schools can’t provide. Our expansive campus grounds allow for hands-on learning activities as students observe and immerse themselves in nature rather than simply read about it, and our Mexican exchange student program offers a wonderful opportunity to explore a new culture and country. 

We are fortunate to live in a community that actively supports and participates in our school programs and activities. We recognize our school families and community as our greatest resource and welcome your contributions. I have an open-door policy and invite your feedback and suggestions benefitting the children at Sanderson.

Warm Regards, 

Emma Liebowitz

Emma Liebowitz