Kindergarten Registration

We would like to welcome the students and parents of the kindergarten class of 2022–2023 to Sanderson Academy! Please take a moment to check out our kindergarten registration video!

Required Information

It is necessary that you provide the following information to register.

  • Please provide a birth certificate. A photocopy is sufficient.
  • We do require immunization records. This includes a lead test and specific immunizations.
  • We ask that you complete both sides of the registration form and sign it.
  • Please include any health or milestone information that you believe will be helpful and tell us any pertinent information regarding your child or your home.
  • The student must complete a physical examination before entrance into kindergarten. Please plan now, so this can be complete before August 20, 2022. We will deny entrance if this is not done prior to the first day of class.

Please note: We can deny school entrance if paperwork is not complete and on file at the school by August 20, 2022.